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A Culinary Journey Through Generations

Learn about Jerry & The Mermaid. Meet the Jerrys, Jerry, Jerry Jr, and Jerry III! With generations of culinary wisdom, we've curated a 'Jerry's classics menu,' modernized and adapted since our start in 1994. Get ready for an exciting experience at Jerry & The Mermaid! Our enthusiastic team is here to make sure your time with us is nothing short of fantastic. Can't wait to welcome you to the Mermaid soon!

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Dive into the Mermaid Magic

Planning a special event? From East End Tours to Wedding Rehearsals and everything in between, we've got you covered! Let's chat about how we can be part of your next memorable occasion. Embark on a memorable restaurant experience at Jerry & The Mermaid.

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Fresh, Local, and Uncompromising

At Jerry & The Mermaid, we're obsessed with quality. That's why we source our fresh ingredients from local waters and farms. Every bite tells a story of our commitment to delivering the best. The magic happens at the table. Book one now.

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A Peak Into Our Restaurant